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Video Marketing

Why You Should Use Marketing Videos

Consumers have to digest a lot of information and sometimes text is a bit boring but a short engaging marketing video can be quite quirky and fun. It stands out and gets your message across.

it's not a coincidence that Google bought You Tube and made it into the 2nd most popular Search Engine!

Stats are consistently showing that marketing videos are more engaging, compelling and get your prospects to take action more frequently than written copy.

There's lots of types of videos that you could be experimenting with and they don't have to be expensive, professionally produced master pieces (that's a myth that video production companies are spreading!).

So, you could try a...


  • Welcome video on your website

  • Explainer video about your product

  • 'How To' video about your product

  • Customer testimonial video


There's loads of software and websites that'll help you produce a really affordable, quick video to start you off. If it's just a welcome video, record it on your iphone, stick it on You Tube and add the code to your website. Your web designer will know how to do it if you're struggling.

There's no reason why you can't start to create marketing videos, don't over think it - just do it!

And to prove it, I'm going to record this page on my iphone and add the video for you, it'll be a really quick shoot and add, but I bet you watch it...