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Training, Coaching and Mentoring

"Give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."


Never has a truer word been spoken - than the quote above!

We can do all the work and help you get new customers but you'd have to pay us forever, or you'd stop getting customers and growing.

So, why don't we teach you how to get new customers and you'll be able to turn the tap on and off when you want to, on your terms because you know how to

We'll sit down with you and delve in to your business. So whether you need more customers, to make more money from your existing customers or buy yourself more time we can help.

It's not Rocket Science but why should you know what the RIGHT way is to attract new customers and keep more of your existing customers. You run a business and that's hard enough!


Everyone needs help - everyone needs a tutor, coach or a mentor!

The most successful businesses in the world, the most talented sports men and women in the world, the most prestigious brands, all have one thing in common...


...they all have mentors on hand to guide them in the right direction and help them achieve super success.

It's a lonely world sometimes when you're running a business and there's so much to worry about; staff, cash flow the VAT Bill! It's OK to ask for help and if you don't at some stage you and your business will suffer.

That's why we're here - to support you, guide you and help you achieve your goals. So, all those things that keep you awake at night can be shared and start to dwindle as we help you plan for the future.

If it's a bit of hand holding for you and the senior management team or a real hands on, get in the trenches approach we'd love to help you out:


We'll work with your sales and marketing teams to maximise their potential and get more sales. From the most productive ways to attract more enquiries to closing more sales.


We'll go out with your sales guys, meet customers and work side by side your marketing team to ensure they're doing the right things to grow your business in the most cost efficient way.


We'll sit on your shoulder and help burden some of the top level decisions and responsibilities to ensure you can scale your business to achieve Big Success.

We can decide what's best for you at your FREE Marketing Appraisal

"Stuart and the team at Blue Sofa have worked closely with me to train my staff to implement our marketing plan. They're brilliant and my staff love them.

We're so much more productive now because we know what we're doing - it's made a massive difference, you need to give them a call."

Yasmin Ali

Lift and Engineering Specialist Ltd

Download Your Free Guide...

"The 6 Essential Steps That Every successful Business Takes To Save Thousands Of Pounds On Futile Marketing"

"There's nothing about marketing or indeed sales that these guys don't know.


They're expert trainers and have a process that'll work in any business to transform lead and sales conversions."

Thom Smith

Ideal Result Ltd

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