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Why You Need A Telemarketer (Or Two!) 

Now, just to be clear a telemarketer is very different to a telesales person!

They both have to make some cold calls but a telemarketer connects with people on the telephone and builds rapport. They have useful conversations and cherish their data. Telesales people burn through their data and are only looking for immediate yes's.

A good telemarketer with good training will be remembered and won't necessarily close on the first dial.


They're helpful, offer advice, tell stories and always leave the door open. There's a precise process to follow to be a good telemarketer - it's a skill which employed in your business will help you get appointments and close deals.

What you also need to know is that you still have to do the hard work and get your content out to the data that the telemarketer will call. Your prospects need to be primed with information before they get the call. So, don't go rushing out and employ a telemarketer if you haven't got your content strategy in place.

I've seen many businesses increase appointment rates by producing good valuable content and following it up on the telephone. The reason being - they have a plan and they do the right things in the right order. They don't jump from one thing to the next. They persevere with the right plan and it pays dividends.

So, if you're thinking of employing someone to get on the phones and be proactively speaking with your prospects, choose carefully. In my opinion the best person for the job is a working mum who will pick up the phone and loves to talk.


Train them and give them good call guidelines and they'll nurture your leads and get appointments. And if you're a small business, who's dipping your toe in the water for the first time, you can employ a working mum on a part time basis! 


You don't want a cocky young salesman - they'll burn your data and harm your brand!