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“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Your Business Growth Strategy will derive from the blueSOFA Marketing Appraisal!


In simple terms, (and we like to keep it simple!) we'll produce a Roadmap for you to follow.

It'll include all the things that you need to do to meet your objectives. Some of the things you'll have to do regularly, some will be spread over a period of time and some maybe one offs!

The most crucial outcome for you personally is that you'll have a realistic plan and a sensible time-frame to achieve it.  

It’ll take a few days to formulate your personal Strategy Document following your Marketing Appraisal and we’ll come and present it to you along with any supporting information and suggestions we have to help you on your way.

It will include:

  • A copy of the Market – Message – Media work from the Marketing Appraisal

  • The Essential BIG pillars you need to put in place

  • An implementation timeline of when to introduce the essential pillars

  • Suggested first steps to harvest the low hanging fruit

  • An introduction of the content you need to get in front of your prospects

  • A guide to the tools you’ll need to implement the plan


So, now you’ll have a robust plan – you have two choices how you’re going to accomplish it.

  1. If you’d like to attempt the whole plan or parts of it on your own, using yours and your staff’s skills then that’s absolutely great.

  2. If you need any help with any of the elements we’ll discuss our services when we present you the plan.

To be honest, what usually happens is that they’ll be a mix of work that you should be doing and then there’s some bits that you’ll need help with. And don’t worry we can motivate, hold your feet to the fire and in some cases we’ve been known to council people through to completion!

We’ll just be happy to give you a leg up, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be doing the RIGHT things to grow and not getting fleeced by media agencies selling overpriced futile marketing solutions.

"Stuart from BlueSOFA Marketing took what little business plan I had, gave me great advice but more importantly an action plan. I immediately went out and created my business profile video and have had some great responses. Thanks Stuart."

Phil Carrick

Internet Marketer, Author and Speaker

"In all my dealings with Stuart I have always found him very knowledgeable and a real pleasure to deal with. If your paths cross time spent with him will be time well spent. One of life's good guys."

Mike Chance

Print For Profit

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