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Social Media

Why You Need A Social Media Strategy

Love it or hate it - Social Media has a part to play in your marketing!

Whether you want to use it to sell stuff or just engage with people, it's a really useful platform for you to utilise. If not for the simple reason that your competitors will probably be using it and if you're not, you're missing out.

Your customers will be looking for what you do on Social media so the stark fact is - you need to be there.

Now, you don't necessarily need to be everywhere on every channel - that depends on what you sell and to whom you sell it! For instance if you sell B2B, Facebook is not as important as LinkedIn for making sales contacts. It's OK for a bit of engagement but that's about it - so it requires less focus and a different strategy.

That's where most businesses get it wrong. They get stuck in trying to be everything and that's no good to man nor beast! You'll waste loads of time and energy doing the wrong things.

So, what should you be doing and how often!

Honestly, if you're not sure, you need to talk to a Social Media expert for some advice on your industry niche. It's difficult to say without knowing what you do.

Regarding how often you need to post, then that could be daily or weekly depending on what you do.

What sort of things do you post!

Mostly it'll be useful content and engaging helpful advice for your followers.


If you're selling and want to step into the world of advertising on Social Media then that's a different ball game altogether and will require an experts touch. Facebook Advertising is working extremely well for some business niches and showing huge returns on investment. 

So if you want to delve in to the world of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube and Snapchat - talk to an expert! They'll usually have a chat with you and give you some free advice.


If you need their help they'll put a plan together and a cost to do it for you on a monthly basis.