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Get Found In Your Town


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a strategy that will get your website ranked on search engines, mainly Google.

Most people who are looking for products and services will go to Google and search for certain terms according to their specific requirements and location. So, if you live in Birmingham and need an electrician, they might type - Electrician Birmingham.

So, the first few entries on the first page of Google and a couple at the bottom of the page are Google Ads. They work for some people who are not so internet savvy. It means that businesses are paying Google to appear really high up in the rankings for their search terms that their prospects will type into a Google search (for more information on Google Ads click here).


It's pretty much human nature to choose an electrician from the first page and the more savvy user will usually plump for the first electrician on the list that's not an advert (it's called an Organic listing which means the business has earned the right to be on the front page and not paid to be there). Now, there might be a few directory sites in the top few searches so if you are a bit lower down you'll still get some clicks.

The bottom line is, that if you're not featuring on the first page of Google you're not getting found and your competitors are - you're missing out on sales and need SEO!

Just do it now! Open up Google and type in your profession and town and see what appears on the first page of Google. Those businesses on the first page will be getting lots of local sales that you're not.

OK, the way you start ranking on Google organically is a bit of a science and will require work on your website. Google will rank your site for the quality of various things and that's what you need to improve. You need to increase your quality score so Google finds it relevant to the searches your prospects are typing into Google.

Things like adding good search terms in certain places on your site, using good images and tagging them so Google knows what they are, updating content regularly, writing blogs, using videos, getting authoritative back links to your site and so much more!

It's not a quick fix but it'll be worth having a plan and starting to get things in place now which will bear fruit later on.


And there a few free SEO tricks you can implement to get more eyeballs to your site immediately, so it'll be well worth a chat with an expert.