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If you want some action, give some offers!

A timely offer to give your audience a bit of a nudge to buy from you can be a really valuable strategy. But it has to be crafted in a precise way to make it appealing to your buyer and still be profitable for you.

Gone are the days of a 10% discount cutting it and attracting volume sales just because you've thrown an offer out there! Discounts are ten a penny today, so you need to be resourceful and a damn site cleverer than your competition.

Saying that, good offers still work in lot's of different scenarios, so my advice is to test a couple and see what works for you.

It doesn't always have to be chunks of money off either, in fact some of the best offers we've used are up sells and cross sells to other products or services. 

For example, a company that hires out Tipi's for birthdays and wedding etc have 3 sizes of Tipi's with various packages of accessories and add-ons. Their offer during a quiet time was to upgrade to the larger size for no extra cost. The perceived value to the customer was huge but the extra cost to the company was not great so it was a great offer and worked a treat.

The other thing to consider is what the offer is intended for:

  • To get prospects to take action

  • To upsell and make more revenue from existing customers

  • To get more sales during a quiet period

  • To launch a new product or service

Whatever the reason is, always think about adding value first and don't be afraid to test a couple of different options to see which one works the best.

If you'd like a chat to discuss your offers, just give us a call on 0121 430 9002