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Marketing Agency Birmingham

We are a Marketing Agency in Birmingham who want to help Birmingham Businesses do the RIGHT Things to grow their business quickly!

There are a whole heap of marketing pillars that you could try to grow your business.

The SECRET is to find the right pillars for your business that produce the best return for each Pound you spend!

It's not easy because every, so called consultant will tell you something different - Why? Because they only know how to do certain things or will be outsourcing it to someone who will do the work for them and pay them a commission.

So, if their niche is digital marketing - they will tell you that you need to focus your attention online to sell your services or product. If they're a 'Social Media Expert', they'll force you down that route and so on.

Real marketing doesn't work like that! For a start you'll need to implement several pillars that work hand in hand to even have a chance of getting a return on investment. And the pillars you need in your business might be completely different to the ones the next business needs.

Long gone are the days of one size fits all. The days when you just needed to place the biggest ad you could in the Yellow Pages and wait for the phone to ring. You have to work a lot harder now because we are a nation of 'content consumers' and content comes in all shapes and sizes.

So unfortunately, you need to have your content on all the platforms where your potential customer will be looking. That might be; websites, blogs, social media, video sites, review sites, local directories, forums, the local/National paper, local/National magazines, Google, display networks, through the post, on billboards, at exhibitions, on the radio, through affiliates or Joint Ventures, at networking groups, through referral marketing and why not on the TV!

You can see why you might need some help as to where to start and what might be the RIGHT Things for you to do. That's why most consultants will waste a lot of your money.

Here at the blueSOFA Marketing Agency Birmingham, we don't have to navigate you down a one way street! 


We'll help you put a robust plan in place to market your business on the right platforms at the right time so you don't waste unnecessary money on unsuitable marketing that yields mediocre results at best.

We cover all bases and can provide you with the full suite of services to get you results. We have all the expertise and are so confident that we can help you that we'll come and produce a 12 month marketing plan free of charge.

If you'd like us to help you accomplish the plan then that's great - if not, that's cool, at least you'll have a plan!

Call us on 0121 430 9002 to book an appointment or click the green button below.