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No Traffic?

Google Adwords

Get More Eyeballs With Google Adwords

Google Adwords or Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) gets you a spot on the first page of Google. So when people search Google for your product or service you appear. You basically pay Google to appear.

You can set your budget so you'll never spend more than you want to but depending on what your niche is will determine the amount you have to pay to make it worthwhile.

You see, you'll bid a certain amount of money for a relevant keyword to outbid your competition. Your ad will feature on the first page of Google (in the ads section) and if a prospect clicks on your ad you'll get charged the amount of money you're bidding (hence, Pay Per Click!)

Make sense?

It is a bit confusing and there are other factors you'll need to consider with Google Adwords but done well it's a great strategy to boost your inbound leads and drive them to really specific content or offers.


Your ads will need to be very relevant to the search terms and the landing page (where they land if they click your ad) need to be written in a certain way to get a great quality score from Google.


What sort of monthly budget do you need! 

It really depends on how competitive your search term is and whether you're happy for a more local search term. For instance...

  • Plumber will be a lot more per click than Plumber Oxford!

  • Business Consultant will cost a lot more than Chimney Sweep!

The great thing with Google Adwords is that you can set a comfortable budget and test what happens. If you get a couple of good quality leads you'll spend more because you get a good Return On Investment.

We've helped businesses spend £200 a month to £20,000 a month.

If you're not spending a penny right now with Google and you need more traffic then it's definitely worth a punt!

Good Luck!