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Referral Tools

There's no way that you will implement a successful Referral Campaign without the the right tools! Here's a couple of examples that we used for a sales team to use when they were in front of a prospective customer. This was a B2C environment and we averaged 8 to 12 referrals on 90% of our visits.

Referral Brochure

Nice bright cover highlighting the Big Prize Draw to catch the attention.

The inside cover explains the prize draw and a bit more about the Referral Programme


You'll also notice a picture of the last winners, so it becomes real.


Someone does actually win!

The inside back cover has a bit more information and a real nugget of a tip to make it easy for them to find people to refer (use their mobile phone!).


And another picture of more winners.


We also used cartoon characters for a bit of fun and there's a man walking off with a big cheque!

The back cover consisted of the terms and conditions which are really important.

And again, we had another picture of a couple receiving their cash payment of £400 as four of their referrals bought the product.

And another tip to call their referrals to warm them up.

Referral Capture Sheet

Here's the front of the referral capture sheet that tells people what to do and who we're looking for.

It acts as a reminder for the sales team and a nudge for the customer to think about the right people to refer!

The back of the referral sheet has the boxes for the customer to fill in.

There's not a lot to fill in to keep it as simple as possible and there are lots of spaces to encourage more names.

We averaged about 8 - 12 referrals on these sheets!