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we started a Referral  Marketing Programme in a renewable energy company
to grow sales. Here's a few of the statistics of how we grew
and how we did it.


We had a call centre making cold calls but wanted to improve their
conversions so started to gather warm referrals.


Here's what happened...

  • We had 46 people making 150 calls a day

  • They averaged 2.2 appointments each for the sales guys to go and close

  • That’s 6,900 calls a day to make 102 appointments

  • The Blow Out rate was 35%

  • So, we only sat 66 appointments

  • The sales team converted at 23%

  • That’s 15 sales

I’ll be honest, we were quite happy but knew we could do a lot better. We were calling from an old Financial Service database so what did we expect? - it was colder than being at an early evening barbecue in August (in the UK, obviously!).

So, we introduced a Referral Marketing Programme to get warm leads from our cold leads. Here’s the results when we mastered it:

  • The same 46 people made 150 calls a day to referrals

  • The average increased to 4.6 appointments made a day

  • That’s 6,900 calls a day to make 212 appointments

  • Blow Out rate reduced to 15%

  • So we sat 180 appointments

  • The sales team’s conversions increased to 41%

  • Sales increased to 74

WOW, did we get it right!

That’s a 110% increase in number of appointments per telemarketer

And a massive 393% increase in sales!

This example was in a direct selling environment but we've implemented programmes and seen similar results in a Business to Business environment.







The Sales Team

We trained every salesperson for two solid weeks to ask for referrals in the same way every time

they did an appointment.


They had a script, a video at the end of their presentation, a referral capture form
and a referral brochure that included testimonials for other people who had given
us referrals and some great incentives.
Click here to view some of the referral tools.

We targeted every sales person and their managers. They had weekly and monthly
targets with incentives and prizes for most referrals collected and closed.

We had leader boards in the office and daily emails went to all the staff with how
many referrals each sales person had collected. The whole mind-set shifted from
sales to referrals because we knew that our sales conversions would increase.


They started to ask for referrals at the first appointment at the end of their
presentation so there wasn’t even a business relationship yet. We figured it
couldn’t hurt and we had nothing to lose.

The first night we implemented the Programme we collected 281 referrals. Not bad
considering we’d collected approximately 19 in the previous 2 months!

Customer Service Team

Because the whole company got involved in the Referral Culture we also targeted and incentivised the customer service team. They had a script and were trained to ask for referrals after every incoming and outgoing call.

Email Signatures

Every person in the company had a referral request in their email signature with a link to an online form on the website to give referrals.

Product Deliveries and Mail

Every box and envelope that went out had a referral card in it with the latest referral incentive and prizes.

Existing Customers

All existing customers had letters explaining the Referral campaign and incentives. They all included a referral card to fill in and a postage paid envelope for them to return the card easily.

They also had a series of emails with deadlines for the incentives, a reminder Direct Mail piece and text messages.

Here's how we did it...

Genius Energy Referral Case Study

"I managed a sales team at Genius Energy and when we implemented a Referral Programme we smashed our targets."

Chris Hastings
Sales Manager

Genius Energy

Referral Marketing

Referral Culture

Like everything you do in your business; if you focus on something, everyone knows what's going on, what's expected of them and they have the correct tools to do the job - chances are it'll be a success!

That's what we did at Genius! We built a Referral Culture and everyone had a part to play - that's why it worked.

We had a bell for the sales guys to ring when they got a sale. Every time the bell rang the MD would fly out of his office and shout...


"Great work, how many referrals did you get?"

Referrals became more important than sales - Why?

Because for every ten referrals, we knew we'd get another 4.1 sales!

Lee Bould

MD - Genius Energy