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The BlueSOFA Marketing Appraisal

“The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance." 

Brian Tracy

The blueSOFA Marketing Appraisal will be the most valuable hour you'll spend on your business this year.


We’ll talk about your  business and what your goals are. So, where you are now and where they want to get to. Every business is different and different goals require different strategies. It might be that you want to double your turnover or simply have a better work life balance!


We need to understand this - it's important!


It will drive the RIGHT strategy and marketing pillars for your personal journey and it'll also tell us if you're ready to take the journey. 


We will only work with serious companies that have a vision and understand that we don’t offer a ‘get rich quick’ promise. We want a partnership and commitment to work together for a sensible period of time to help you achieve your goals.


So, that's why we offer a FREE 1 hour Marketing Appraisal, at which we'll:

  • Do a Fact Find (where do you want to get to? Where are you now?)

  • Undertake a quick survey (what t do you do now?)

  • Talk about positioning (What do your customers think of you?)

  • Talk about 'Market - Message - Media'

  • Build The Bridge (The easiest way to get you there)

  • Give you some simple quick wins (The RIGHT stuff!)


At the end of the appraisal you’ll have a better understanding of what you should be doing and a few tools to help you get there.


And most of them will be real, 'Down to Earth' stuff you can implement in your business tomorrow to get you started on your journey.

"Stuart is a clear, concise and a prolific marketer. Stuart helped me and my team create and execute a successful referral scheme and took the time to answer my questions and queries at every stage. A true professional and genuinely nice bloke, I look forward to reading his book...."

Paul Field

WFP Fire & Security

"Stuart did an extremely
helpful and thoughtful review of my business objectives. We made a great plan to help me grow - Thank You!"

Geoff Hogg

Independent GP

If You'd Like A Roadmap For Your Business And The RIGHT Help To Start Growing - Click BELOW