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Why You Need To Do Exhibitions

Where else can you show off what you do to lots of captivated people all interested in what you do?

Exhibitions are one of the most under utilised marketing strategies in the UK!

And it doesn't have to necessarily be a big National Event, it could be a local table top event - it's horses for courses. Wherever you are on your journey and however big or small you are there are exhibitions running all across the UK bringing your ideal customers together.

Why are they so far from your mind when you're planning your annual marketing activities?

Because the perception is that they're expensive and you won't get the return on investment that you require to cover your costs, let alone make it worth your while. I get it, but it's not the right mind set.

what you need to be thinking is, what can we do to make it worth our while. And I have to tell you, after being to lots of exhibitions and seeing the people at the exhibitions you can make it worth your while.

Most businesses get it so wrong, spending thousands of pounds on the stand and literature and forget that they have to approach people and talk to them.

Really - it's quite embarrassing watching staff at shows and exhibitions ignoring passers by because they can't be bothered to talk to them. They think by making the odd eye contact and giving away a few brochures they're doing their job - it's pitiful!

But it gives you a chance of making exhibitions really work for you.

I'll let you in to a little secret - its not the expensive stand with a bar or the shiny literature that gets the business, it's the people on the stand that's really important. The strategy of the people staffing the stand and what they say is all that matters. Do it properly and you'll make exhibitions work for you.

Here's a few of the things that will make your exhibition successful:

  • Someone in charge - a leader to motivate all day

  • Enough staff - to ensure the stand is active and proactive all day

  • A good script - staff know exactly what to say

  • Solid objectives - is it a data collection exercise or are you booking appointments?

  • Incentives - incentivise staff and set some targets

  • Not too much furniture - have enough space to allow people to approach

  • No seating - so staff don't sit down

  • Pick a theme - dress up to stand out

  • Have some fun - it'll attract more customers

So, where are the exhibitions for your industry? Find out and get booked on a couple - Good Luck!