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Email Marketing

Why You Need To Send Emails - Regularly!

Your Email Marketing Strategy is a crucial part of your marketing mix. If you don't send emails you're missing a big trick. You need to get proactive and go get your customers - don't wait for them to find you, 'cause you'll be waiting for a long time!

You see, marketing is all about getting your content out to your prospects on all sorts of media.

Your customers are all different; some might read emails, some might prefer a visual experiences such as video, some might prefer receiving a hard printed Direct Mail piece!

The point is you need to find out what they engage with most and that means sending it all.

Emails will get deleted but some will get opened and if yours are more interesting and offer really good content they will get opened more than your competitors.

Use different types of Email Marketing, push prospects to videos or e-books and have a bit of fun with them.

Don't sell in emails, always offer advice and give your good content away. It will build a real rapport with your prospects and develop trust. People only buy from people they trust.

The frequency of emails is a interesting subject and it depends on what list you're using. To existing customers and prospects further down the funnel you should be emailing quite frequently - even as much as once a week.


Remember you're offering them advice and giving them value so they'll love you for the frequent help and engagement.

After all if they don't want to receive your Email Marketing they can opt out - make sure you make the process to opt out easy!

There's lots of systems you can use to send out multiple emails to different lists at a click of a button. We use Active Campaign but Mailchimp is also a great system. Most of them are free for a certain amounts of contacts but will try to up sell you additional functionality.

To get in the game is easy and necessary - so go ahead and start sending out emails today.