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Get Noticed...

Direct Mail

Why do you need to be sending Direct Mail?

Because it works!

82% of Direct Mail gets read!

Yep, that's about the long and short of it. Our lives are over crowded with online information and emails. We ignore more information than we read on line, especially cold sales emails.

But a well crafted, clever Direct Mail campaign will cut through the clutter and get noticed.

The only limitation to getting your message noticed in hard print is your reluctance to invest a small amount of your marketing budget on a Direct Mail piece. Maybe because you're worried that it won't work and you'll waste money that could be spent elsewhere.

The thing is, it's the wrong way to look at it! What you need to be thinking is, how can I produce a real kick butt piece of Direct Mail that'll get me the best return on investment possible?

That's where we can help.

There's lots of ways you can make a campaign successful and get a huge return on your investment. It'll take a bit of imagination and focus but the rewards will be worth it.


Whether it's a letter, postcard, flyer, Jiffy bag, box or parcel, there'll be a unique way to get your literature in front of a senior decision maker and get them to take action.

You could be warming them up, selling an appointment or using offline to drive customers online - you'll need a different strategy depending on the desired outcome.

So, bite the bullet and test a Direct Mail piece. Try one to existing customers to maybe promote an upsell and one to a new database to sell an appointment and see how you get on.

Good Luck!