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Website Design Packages

The prices above are for design only and obviously the most cost effective package to get your site up and live. You'll need to provide the copy and images and we'll design a site that rocks.

However, don't fret if you need help with the content and images, we've got you covered - it'll cost you a bit more but it'll be well worth the money to ensure you end up with a website that looks amazing, sounds spectacular and has all of the ingredients to make it work.

So, below we've put together some special packages for Creative Monkee customers to help you boot your competition into touch - they'll literally GO APE when they see your new online presence.


The tone and personality in your copy has to hit the mark now more than ever. Your customers love content and they consume so much of it that yours has to stand out from the crowd.


Without great copy the rest is pointless and you'll get lost in the clutter!

We'll craft your unique message that'll resonate with your customers to help you get more sales. And it'll be SEO friendly.

Website content - £99 per page

Marketing content - P.O.A.


Regular blog posts on your website are vital for a couple of reasons.


They can dramatically enhance your presence on Google and position you as a true expert in your industry. They need proper planning and execution.

So, we can add a Blog to your site and help you populate it to aid your presence even more.

To add a functioning Blog - £129

Write 2 Blogs a month and share on Social media - £199 a month

Lead Magnet (Giveaway)

To make your website super interesting and get your visitors to interact, it's a good idea to have something of value to download on the home page at least.

Say, a whitepaper, an e-book, a guide or even a 3 part video series (for the more adventurous of you!).

Let's just start with a value written piece for now that'll really set you apart from all the other websites that your prospects will visit.

To write a Lead Magnet - £199

To set up a 3-step back end sales follow up - £149

Email marketing

Your customers still read emails and well crafted informative emails that offer value get read quite often.


So an online newsletter or update about your services is a great way to keep in touch with your prospective patients.

This added to regular social media updates and blogs will engage your prospects and customers.

To write and send out 2 value emails a month - £199 a month


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a longer term strategy but you need to have the basics nailed to start the process of customers finding you on the internet organically.


To get your website noticed online you need to have a good SEO plan in place.

Prices will vary dramatically depending on whether you require a local, National or International presence and how competitive your search terms are.

Local coverage - from £149 a month to £299 a month

Wider coverage in a competitive industry - from £399 a month

Google Adwords

Google Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing can be an integral part of your marketing mix if it's right for you.


Your customers will find you on the internet when they search your keywords that you pay Google to rank for.

You'll need a daily budget to pay Google on top of our management fees but you can set daily budgets to give it a go without breaking the bank. The good news is that people are searching for you so it's worth trying.

Adwords Management - £249 a month

Website & SEO Audit

If you've already got a website we'd be more than happy to take a look at it and write a review about how we think it's working and what we'd do to make it work a whole heap better.

Most platforms now can be amended and updated pretty easily without too much fuss, so let us give you some expert advice.

We'll charge you a small one-off fee and if you'd like any work done on the back of the audit then we can give you a quote.

To carry out a website and SEO audit - £149

*All prices above are exclusive of VAT

What else do we do?

Social Media

Whatever you do your customers will be looking for you on social media platforms. It's an essential part of the marketing mix and it's almost that they expect you to have a presence - so you need a good one!

Direct Mail

Producing a well crafted Direct Mail piece is a great option to raise your profile and hit the right market. It can be done in several guises to cover all budgets but the key is to make it unique and have a bit of fun with it. And with 82% of Direct Mail being opened - it's a NO Brainer! 

Referral Marketing

This is one of the most under utilised ways to get new customers fast. A good referral program is like word of mouth on steroids. And other than a few incentives you might have to offer, it's free marketing! Done properly, referrals can explode the growth of your patients.

Monthly Packages start from £299 + VAT a month

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