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Referral Marketing

Touch Systems Referral Marketing Case Study

Touch Systems Ltd is a B2B business that sells an MIS software called
Clarity Software to the sign, print and digital market. The sales team weren't very
good at getting referrals so we implemented a campaign to get referrals from
their existing customer database.

Here's how we did it...

We made sure that their customers were engaged

The first thing to ensure is that the customers were engaged and happy to get involved in a referral marketing programme, or it's a waste of time launching one. There's lots of things you can do but we started an online newsletter giving loads of value so they were used to getting a regular communication and giving them an avenue to get involved and respond. After a couple of issues we then teased out a brand new customer incentive programme (the referral campaign!).

This worked beautifully and the customer engagement grew massively.

Incentives for the Customer Incentive Programme

We positioned it as a Customer Incentive Programme that was going to give something back to their customers but they had to give us a referral or two for the trouble. We planned a 30 day campaign with a deadline to get more action.

So we came up with some great incentives which is a real big deal if you're going to do this properly.

These were our incentives:

  • We posted out a small box of scrumptious chocolate brownies for every referral we received

  • If a referral became a paying customer they would get a £150 Amazon voucher

  • For every customer they also got a ticket into a prize draw to win a weekend for two people to Barcelona

So, to be clear, we didn't have to pay out anything other than a couple of chocolate brownies until we got a paying customer from the programme. It's important that you know how much a customer is worth so you can work out the cost of your incentives accordingly.

Tools and Literature

Once we had planned the campaign we had to produce the literature and tools to get the referrals. We produced:

  • A customer letter explaining the programme

  • A referral card to go with the letter for the customer to fill in with referrals

  • A prepaid return envelope for them to post the referral card back to us

  • A 12 part email campaign to remind them of the prizes and deadline

  • We had a page on the website to send them to so they could add referrals online

  • A follow up Direct Mail postcard and another referral card

  • Through the campaign we sent them videos of the staff sending out the brownies

Here's one of the videos we sent out during the campaign to get more referrals. This video caused a stir and we received 12 referrals the day we sent it out.

Staff Targets and Incentives

To get everyone engaged we set staff targets and the campaign targets. We had big visuals around the off ice and reported on how the campaign was going every Monday morning to the entire staff. This got everyone working together and having some fun, especially when they saw the referral envelopes being returned in the post (they were bright purple).


Considering that they were getting about three referrals a month we did remarkably well!

We got 48 Referrals in 30 days

Referral Culture

Like everything you do in your business; if you focus on something, everyone knows what's going on, what's expected of them and they have the correct tools to do the job - chances are it'll be a success!

That's what we did at Touch Systems.