"CONGRATULATIONS - You Qualify for the Birmingham FREE Marketing Review"

"I've known Stu for a few years now and have seen the results he gets for businesses.


If you want to get more leads and close more sales you need to speak with him now"

Mark Creaser

MD, Ideal Result

"I learned so much in our Free Marketing Review.


The fog is clearing and I'm starting to get a clear plan of what I need to do to grow my business - Thanks Stuart."

Jez Smith

MD, LG Comfort Cooling

Hello and congratulations, you have qualified for the FREE Birmingham Marketing Review Programme

Because you are a Birmingham based business with a B postcode you get a FREE Marketing review for your business.

So, let me ask you a question...


Does your marketing get you the amount of customers you need?

If the answer is yes and you don’t want a free review of your marketing I’m genuinely pleased for you.


If not, then that’s OK because we can fix it quite quickly – that’s what your Free Marketing Review is all about.

Here’s the deal:

We’ll have a chat about your business and what your goals are

We’ll look at where you are now and where you want to get to

We’ll find out what you’re doing now and what's working and what's not working

Then we’ll start to plan your journey using the RIGHT marketing to get you where you want to get to

And we’ll do this for free...



Well, we’ve seen hundreds of businesses waste thousands of pounds on futile marketing that just doesn’t work.

They’ve usually taken bad advice and thrown money down the drain.

It’s annoying because they get duped by so called consultants and guru’s to spend money on speculative projects that deliver mediocre results at best.

And quite frankly we’re getting fed up with cleaning up the mess

So, we want to warn businesses and that’s why we’re offering the FREE Marketing Review in Birmingham - to help you do the RIGHT things that’ll work in your specific industry.

To secure your FREE Marketing Review simply click one of the green buttons on this page and we’ll contact you to get you booked in.

In the meantime if you do any marketing please track the results to make sure it’s working or you’ll be wasting money. And we don’t want that to happen!

"Stuart and the team at Blue Sofa have worked closely with me to train my staff to implement our marketing plan. They're brilliant and my staff love them.

We're so much more productive now because we know what we're doing - it's made a massive difference, you need to give them a call."

Yasmin Ali

Lift and Engineering Specialist Ltd

"There's nothing about marketing or indeed sales that these guys don't know.


They're expert trainers and have a process that'll work in any business to transform lead and sales conversions."

Thom Smith

Ideal Result Ltd

Meet Stu...

Hi, I'm Stuart Bevins, the Co founder and CEO of blueSOFA Marketing. I've helped thousands of business owners achieve their dreams by guiding them down the RIGHT path to success - and I'm itching to help more businesses like yours.


I know how to create and implement the RIGHT Marketing and Sales Plan for your business, whether you sell a product or a service. 


More importantly I know what not to do - potentially saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds on wasted effort and futile attempts to get more customers.


In fact, I'm utterly fed up with business owners being duped into making costly mistakes and that's why I'm offering my time to Birmingham Businesses.

So, click on the green button and I'll see you soon to help your business grow and prosper in the coming months.