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Grab some attention with clever advertising

Getting your name in front of the right people means that you need to use lots of different methods and advertising can play a big part in you showcasing your products and services to the masses.

Now, don't get carried away, you don't need a full page advert in a broad sheet or a double page spread in a big glossy magazine! There'll be lots of opportunities for you to take cost effective adverts in local magazines and newspapers to test the water and get your message and offer right.

And just think of the huge opportunity to advertise online.

The best advice I can give you is to think really hard about your ideal customer, the people who you're looking to get your message in front of. Then ask yourself the question - what magazines or newspapers do they read and which online portals are they likely to visit?

If you're a local supplier then it's a lot easier as they'll be local publications and websites you can advertise on. If you're a National supplier it's a bit more difficult and maybe expensive so choose your options carefully

Don't forget that your advert needs to be well crafted to realise a return on your investment.


Here's a quick reminder of what you should include in your advert to get a better response:

  • A banging headline

  • A call to action

  • An offer

  • A deadline

  • A testimonial

  • An Image

There is a real science behind how to write a perfect advert and I see so many businesses get it wrong. I tear my hair out when I read the adverts in my local newspaper because they are rubbish and won't get customers picking up the phone.

If you're thinking of doing any form of advertising, talk to us first for some guidance! We'd be happy to help you out - call us on 0121 430 9002.