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Marketing Agency Birmingham

Hi, I'm Stuart Bevins, the Co founder and CEO of blueSOFA Marketing Agency Birmingham

"I've known Stu for a few years now and have seen the results he gets for businesses.


If you want to get more leads and close more sales you need to speak with him now"

Mark Creaser

MD, Ideal Result

"Stuart's one of the savviest marketers I've ever worked with. His ideas are simple but brilliant.


He'll take your product and make sure it gets seen by your customers. He'll help you seriously crush the competition"

Rob Murray

MD, Funnels Qualified

I've helped hundreds of business owners achieve their dreams by guiding them down the RIGHT path to success - and I'm itching to help more businesses like yours.


I know how to create and implement the RIGHT Marketing and Sales Plan for your business, whether you sell a product or a service. 


More importantly I know what not to do - potentially saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds on wasted effort and futile attempts to get more customers.


In fact, I'm utterly fed up with business owners being duped into making costly mistakes on unnecessary, worthless marketing and it has to stop!


I’ve seen it all:


  • Businesses haemorrhaging thousands of pounds on bad Google advertising

  • Big, fancy, expensive websites that don’t work

  • SEO agencies taking wads of cash on a kiss and a promise! 

  • Great offers with no deadline to get customers to take action 

  • Costly Facebook Ads that don’t convert because the landing pages are so bad 

  • Low hanging fruit left hanging while businesses go bust



…the list goes on!

Wow, I might be smiling in that picture at the top of the page but my blood is boiling while I'm writing this,



To stop all the so called guru's and marketing agencies fleecing you with expensive digital campaigns that just don't work

Businesses marketing to the wrong people, with the wrong message, using the wrong media…

So, I'd like to donate an hour of my time to you and your business and help you understand what the quick wins are to initiate a real step change in your business. I'll help you put a rock solid plan in place to bridge the gap from where you are now, to where you want to be, 12 months from now.

It'll be fun, fast paced and high energy. It'll be the most valuable hour you'll spend on your business this year! And if you disagree after the hour I'll personally donate £50 to a charity of your choice.


Go ahead and reserve a slot now. If you don't, you'll never know, you might kick yourself one day!


PS I've got a great team behind me, keep scrolling to meet them... 

The blueSOFA Team

Liz Smith

Co Founder & Financial Director

Hi, I'm Liz. My main role in blueSOFA is to manage the projects to ensure a timely execution of your campaigns. And to keep the creatives in check - they're a bit mad!

Marcus Bowen

Co Founder & Sales Director 

Hi, I'm Marcus. I find new customers to help and am an expert sales trainer. I love to teach people the RIGHT way to get loads more sales from the leads we'll help you generate.

James Cash

Design and Campaign Builder

My name's Cash - James Cash! It's my job to ensure that your campaigns work and look great. From funnels to design elements you require to make your marketing stand out!

Manjit Matharu

Digital Media and Copy 

Hello, I'm Manjit. I script, shoot and edit amazing marketing videos - including 3D. Videos are an integral part of your marketing mix for websites, social media and blogs.

Julie Sproule

Design and Content

I'm Jules and I'm a designer. I design, Flyers, Leaflets and Direct Mail pieces. I also help out with the content for landing pages and websites.

Donna Taylor

Accounts and Whatever!

Hi there, I'm Donna and I look after the money but in truth I do a lot more than that Working in such a crazy environment it's great to get hands on and help out where I can.

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