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     "Helping You Do The RIGHT Things To Grow Your Business Quickly!"


Marketing Agency Birmingham

We are impartial marketing experts at blueSOFA Marketing Agency Birmingham. We'll help you save thousands of pounds of wasted money on marketing that doesn’t work. We'll help you do the RIGHT things that'll yield a significant Return on your Investment.

We'll work with you to design a robust marketing plan - one that's RIGHT for you!

We'll help you to execute the plan with the RIGHT tools to implement it in the RIGHT way so it's successful

We'll hold your hand, manage, train and mentor your staff so you get the RIGHT results time after time!

Why Choose blueSOFA?

Your business and industry is different to other businesses in other industries so why do the same things to grow? - it simply won't work!

We've seen thousands of businesses throw good money down the drain doing things that just won't get them customers and we're a bit fed up of it.

That's why we're different - we don’t have to feather our own nest by offering a particular marketing strategy that might not be RIGHT for your business.


We are impartial experts who help businesses save thousands of pounds of wasted money on marketing that doesn’t work and invest in the RIGHT things that yield a Return on their Investment.


Our vision is to be transparent with you and help you grow your business in the most cost effective way by advising and helping you do the RIGHT things to get more customers and make more profit.


There are plenty of simple, inexpensive strategies that will help you grow your business and that's what we want to share with you.


By choosing blueSOFA Marketing you'll get real life, 'down to earth', help and advice that's great value for money.


What you won't get, is confusing marketing jargon from an expensive agency that'll charge you a fortune for mediocre results.

We've written a handy guide to get you started on the RIGHT journey. It's a powerful, thought provoking guide that'll help you out. It's called...

"The 6 Essential Steps That Every Successful Business Takes To Save Thousands Of Pounds On Futile Marketing!"

"Stuart and the team are very knowledgeable! They have a very broad knowledge on a wide range of business growth topics and make you feel very comfortable when speaking about 'problem' matters.


5* - thanks for all your help."

Yiannis Triplis  
CEO, Adelphi Coaching

"Stuart is a wizard at words. He can turn a random set of words into a carefully crafted piece of writing.


Stuart is affirming and encouraging to work with, he has a great sense of humour which makes working with him a pleasure."

Carole Stacey
MD, Exhibitex

"It's great to have access to Stuart's skill and experience. He's walked the walk many times and provides brilliant marketing advice.

He even manages to deliver this great help with a bit of humility, rather rare in the ego-centric world of experts and gurus - Top Bloke!"

Graham Rowan  
MD, Wealth Creation Expert

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